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iLander is a youth-oriented community news and events portal for the city and school district of Columbia Heights. Seven students from Columbia Heights High School staff the web site, providing stories, photography and other content for the youth from a youth-based perspective. iLander accepts outside submissions within certain guidelines, but reserves the right to reject them as well. Andre Allen leads the staff and provides editorial guidance. You can reach him by email at

The student staff members currently consist of Imane ait Daoud, Bryan Hernandez, Hannan Minhas, Brenda Sanchez and Yutpa Vang.


The first annual Columbia Heights Summit on Youth in April 2009 brought together the Columbia Heights Public Schools, the Columbia Heights Police Department, the Columbia Heights Recreation Department, the mayor’s office, the faith-based community and the business community to work together for the benefit of our young people.

One of the collaborative efforts from this summit is the iLander web site. The iLander is a web site constructed by Columbia Heights youth to help support a safe and healthy community for our young people. The site is updated and maintained by a group of high school students who are paid to work on the site under the supervision of the web site supervisor and the Director of Community Education. The iLander is committed to providing Columbia Heights youth with useful information on recreation activities, jobs, and volunteer opportunities, as well as freshly updated stories from the community of youth. Founding editor and supervisor Aaron Vehling served from early 2010 through February 2013.

Events and Submissions

To submit content for consideration for the Events Calendar, please visit the contact page.

Remember to include the following information:

  • What the event is (the nature of the event);
  • Time, date and place of event;
  • A contact name and number that the readers can call for more information;
  • A contact name and number or email iLander staff can contact if there are questions about the submission.

For other submissions, follow this same template, adjusting it for the appropriateness of the template to your content.



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