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Movie Review: Madea is back at it

By Brenda Sanchez, iLander Staff Reporter 

Tyler Perry once again had the audience laughing and cracking up in their seats with Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, released recently. This film doesn’t have the raunchy humor you see in most comedies these days. It sticks to the traditional Tyler Perry humor formula.

On a normal Saturday, George Needleman (Eugene Levy), the soft-hearted chief financial officer of a Wall Street investment bank in New York, goes to his office and realizes there’s chaos and pandemonium in the company. His firm, Lockwise Industries, has been nothing but a Ponzi scheme run by the mob family The Malones. Now that Needleman is put to blame and put on trial, his family is moved to Mabel Simmons’ (Madea) southern home to be protected, since the mob would not expect to find them in Atlanta, Georgia.

As Mr. Needleman is working with Brian Simmons (a federal prosecutor played by Tyler Perry, who also plays Uncle Joe and Madea), his family is mess. His wife, Kate (Denise Richards), is frustrated by what the family has turned into: A spoiled and rude teenage step-daughter, a senile but sweet mother in law and a husband who is not home enough for her and her seven-year-old son.

Madea now has to take in this family and has her say in the way a strong disciplinarian does. More unfolds, but as for the hilarious and life-affirming secrets you’re going to have to find them out on your own.

(Photo: A movie promo still, used with educational intent. Courtesy of Tyler Perry Productions.)