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On the right track

By CJ Abad, iLander Staff Reporter

Last Thursday, Columbia Heights High School’s track team completed its first and only home meet. 

Cooper High School, along with Fridley’s team, made an appearance to compete against CHHS. Throughout the afternoon, athletes from the three schools are scattered around the field, getting their scores, times and measurements recorded. High jumps, running, long and triple jumps and throwing can all be seen from the bleachers filled with students and family showing great support.

“It was an okay meet for us,” said CHHS senior Tony Woltman. This varsity athlete has been with the team for most of his high school career. 

Woltman’s specialty is throwing both shot put and discus. 

“I definitely improved from last year,” Woltman said. “This time around I got a 30-foot in shot and a 94-foot in discus.”

When you look at the home team, one thing you might clearly see is the difference in team size. CHHS this year came out with fewer students than previous years. There is an argument going around debating whether track and field is considered a sport or not. Track combines different events, where teamwork is essential in winning a meet. When I asked other students what they think track and field is, the first thing that came to their minds was running.

Running events are the most anticipated to watch at track meets. Relay races and sprinting events get the crowd and the rest of the athletes to gather around to see the outcome. CHHS students were anxious about their 4x1 relay team, consisting of Mikey Kantor, Deonjai Flowers, Deandre Bauswell and Darrius. The “fantastic four” won the race, bringing joy to CHHS’s track members. 

“We have the fuel and the pride as a team,” said captain Mikey Kantor. “If we had some of the athletes that are at our school, we should have a higher chance of winning.”

Similar thoughts are with Flowers. 

“The team (has done well) at our home meet,” Flowers said. “I just would like to see more people join, then we can do better in more events.”

(Photo: Tai Trinh runs the 4x8. Photo by CJ Abad.)