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Swanson wins the Athena Award

By CJ Abad, iLander Staff Reporter

Winning the Athena Award is a dream come true for CHHS senior Shaena Swanson.

“I feel accomplished,” Swanson said. “I’ve wanted to win it since my freshman year.”

This particular award is given to an individual who exemplifies excellence in school and out of school, as well as athletics. Swanson is the lacrosse team captain and is graduating with honors. Excelling in three sports, this athlete has worked hard throughout high school. She received a plaque and a certificate during Awards Night, handed out by Sports Director Mark Corliss.

Her accomplishments are a good example for those who want to win the Athena, or even any other award.

“Go out of your comfort zone, try new sports,” Swanson said about how to achieve. “Dedicate yourself, and don’t let up on your grades either.”

(Photo: Swanson during a lacrosse game. Photo by CJ Abad.)