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'Will you go to prom with me?'

By CJ Abad, iLander Staff Reporter

The CHHS prom is nearly one month away. During this time, potential prom attendees are getting their dresses picked out, groups put together and finding dates for the big night. Asking that special someone to go with you might not be an easy task; but it could be worth the effort.  

One of the common reasons you might not ask someone to prom is because it’s nerve-wracking to ask the question. However, nervousness is natural and part of the prom experience. 

Another reason is the fear of receiving a “no” to a prom proposal, leading to embarrassment. Asking someone out to prom is one tough job, but can be easy. There are many ways you can attain this goal, from going all-out and planning out a little arrangement to just being simple and straight up and direct. 

The ways to ask someone to prom are limitless. It just depends on how creative and “brave” you want to be. Most of the time the person you are asking will admire the thought of you asking them in the first place and will give you a chance. The more creative, the better the outcome. For seniors, it’s a chance for them to go all-out for prom because it adds to memories of high school.

CHHS senior Yudie Kongla asked out CHHS sophomore Jessica Mai with a little help from a few friends to make a huge poster. 

“I wasn’t that nervous when I asked her,” Kongla said. “I felt good after I asked her. It’s like a lot of weight just got off my shoulders.”

There is no set standard on how well your prom proposal goes. For every person, it’s different. You really need to know the person you are asking personally to come up with a genuine plan. For example, if he or she is really into music then sing a song for them, mixing up the lyrics a little to fit the occasion. If he or she is into any form of art, draw them something or make a giant sign or compose a little poem and read it. 

Coming up with a blueprint to asking someone is just half of the game; executing it is the essential part. Plan it as best as you can. You may need help from a few of their friends to do so. Know their schedule, or know where they hang out around the school so you know when and where to make your move. Be confident. If there are other people watching, just focus on the person you are asking. Chances are the people watching don’t have the guts to do what you are doing and might be impressed.

Another CHHS senior, Josh Olayiwola, asked out senior Adriana Carchi.

The suspense was building up inside as he read a poem he had written personally for Carchi. Along with roses, he planned to ask her during drama practice. 

“I was nervous as heck, because I didn’t know how she would answer,” Olayiwola said. 

This is a good example of how an individual feels before popping the question. Olayiwola said, “It was worth it to see her smiling and hearing her say ‘yes’ to me.”

So go ahead and ask. It's worth a try, especially when there's a little creativity involved.

(Photo: Making a poster is one creative way to ask someone to prom. Photo by CJ Abad.)