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Work for the iLander

Application deadline is Sept. 11 (but don't procrastinate)

So you like writing, taking photos and/or making videos, and would like a job that paid you to do those things? Maybe you want to learn more about how to write stories about news, arts, sports and all sorts of other topics? Perhaps you have an eye for a good photo or an interesting video clip? 

The iLander could be just what you're looking for. We are looking to hire teens who can write, take photos and make videos - or who have an interest in learning how to do those things. We pay $10.10 per hour for six hours a week of work. We meet twice a week in the mornings, but most of the work you would be doing is at home or out somewhere reporting, writing and taking photos or shooting video. 

Because of the independent nature of the work, the iLander is looking for students who are dependable, responsible and who can meet deadlines. We receive thousands of visits a month, so we need people who can do the work on-time for our dedicated readers. You must also be able to work as a team with people you might not be friends with at school. 

To apply, email iLander Supervisor Aaron Vehling at

In your application, answer the following:

1. Name, phone number, email address, grade and age.


2. Extracurriculars you are (or will be) involved in.


3. Any current or past jobs you have or had.


4. Specialties and talents (such as writing, audio/video production, photography, etc.).


5. Names of three teachers who could be references for you.


6. Why you want to work for the iLander


7. What you would like to change or what you like best about the iLander.

Applications are due by 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11, but you can turn them in any time before that as well.