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What Is Really In Our Food?

Aug 17, 2014


by Ibtissam ait Daoud, iLander Staff Reporter


     A lot has been said lately about knowing what is in our foods when grocery shopping. From dyes to chemicals, food manufacturers are filling our bellies with who knows what. For instance, did you know that the manufacturing process for those popular Greek yogurts produces millions of pounds of toxic acid waste annually?  It really is such a lovely image. Well, at least the acid waste...

Greetings from the Principal

Aug 15, 2014


I hope this letter finds you enjoying your vacation. I’m sure you’ve had time to make some great mem-ories with family and friends. As we start to tran-sition into the beginning of another great year at CHHS, I want share with you our vision for the high school this year. In the 2014-2015 school year, we will continue to focus on College and Career Read-iness and REAL expectations, as well as keeping up our momentum toward improved academic success and increased parent...

Tips for Upcoming CHHS Freshmen

Aug 13, 2014


by Laura d' Almeida, iLander Staff Reporter

    Welcome to Columbia Heights High School!! Your journey is about to begin. To make it through, here are essentials for you to help you survive high school.

1-    “Do not procrastinate” said Andrea Pamo. - Do not think that because it is your first year, you can slack off and that you will make it up later. NO! DON’T! It is better to focus starting now and do your best until the end.


The Best Type of Music

Aug 12, 2014


by Tenzin Jangchup, iLander Staff Reporter


    Every generation thinks that their music was the best of music. Each generation, comparing their music to the last. Teens these days listen to a variety of different genres. With advanced technologies, autotune and intricate beats make up a lot of hit songs played on the radio.

    Popular artists include Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, and Beyonce who each seem like they have a...

Reasons I Am Nervous to Go to College

Aug 11, 2014


by Laura d’ Almeida, iLander Staff Reporter

    For the past four months, I have been preparing myself to be a college student. It was very exciting at first, but now that I am getting closer and closer, I am super nervous!  Don’t get me wrong.  Everything about being an adult, feeling independent, and choosing your own classes and schedule is amazing! But, for me,  they all come with concerns.

    I will be attending...

How Recycling Helps the Earth

Aug 10, 2014


by Tenzin Jangchup, iLander Staff Reporter